A combination of majestic mountains and icy wastes plus the fervor of colorful cultures create a smorgasbord of options from diving to trekking, skating to throwing tomatoes.

  1. Dive to the Titanic

    Become part of a very exclusive club that have visited the RMS Titanic on the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. These two and a half mile dives to the ocean floor in deep submergence vessels are not for the claustrophobic and reserved only for the select few.

  2. Santiago trail, Spain

    Trek the camino from the French Pyrenees across northern Spain to the medieval town of Santiago de Compostela on the pilgrimage of a lifetime. Stay in the refuges along the way and make friends as you go.

  3. Tomato throwing, Spain

    Help heave 240,000 pounds of ripe tomatoes at 20,00 people on a hot sunny afternoon in Buñol, Valencia each year. A sticky, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  4. Skate an ice marathon, Finland

    The international Finland Ice Marathon attracts over 8000 skaters and thousands of spectators every year.

  5. Sleep in an underwater aquarium, Sweden

    Reverse the roles with fish and let them inspect you as you eat and sleep in this underwater hotel. Use an inflatable canoe during the day or swim, sunbath and watch the other guests.

  6. Ride spotted horses, Spain

    These spotted horses are a special breed that were first bred in the royal stables of Denmark in the 19th century and are still highly prized in Andalucia. Even today they have classical movements in passage and you can ride the beautiful horses across parts of rural Andalucia, enjoying the open country.

  7. Hunt for wild boar, Italy

    Italians go all out for the wild boar of their woods and forests and hunters join together each year to track down and shoot the beasts. Even if you miss the actual hunting excitement there’s equal jubilation at the dinner table afterwards.

  8. Snow shoeing in the Pyrenees, France

    Walk to some of the highest peaks and passes in the Pyrenees, track indigenous wildlife or trek from one remote mountain refuge to another through Encantats Nature Park in the Spanish mountains.

  9. Snow shoeing in the Austrian tyrol

    Steinach is a fantastic base for challenging snowshoe walks. Or try the Obernberg, Gschnitz or Valser Valleys hiking the flanks of large mountains or circuiting the frozen lakes.

  10. Learn to fly a light aircraft, France

    Learn how to fly and enjoy the local hills, valleys, lakes and mountains in the Limousin/Perigord National Park.