The ultimate vacations in the South Pacific are far from ordinary. You can live underground, dive with crocs, race a camel, visit penguins or eat witchetty grubs. The environments in this part of the world are raw and rugged, adding additional spice to all locations.

  1. Diving with crocodiles, Kimberleys

    Freshwater crocs pose no threat to divers but they still give plenty of thrills.

  2. Eat witchetty grubs, Australia

    Witchetty grubs are the small, white larvae of the ghost moth and are native to Australia. They are dug out of the trunks and roots of gum trees during the summertime, and have been an essential part of the Aboriginal diet for a long time.

  3. Bikini Atoll, Micronesia

    This is the graveyard of the only diveable US aircraft carrier in the world. Until very recently it was off limits and the 40 years isolation has created an environment rich in reefs and tropical marine life unlike anywhere else. Also lying deep in the heavy shark, sailfish and tuna schools are untouched US and Japanese battleships and two submarines.

  4. Alice Springs ballooning, Australia

    Rise above the ancient red center of Australia and drift over the rugged landscape including the fabulous MacDonnell Ranges, wheeling budgerigars and galahs.

  5. Camel safari across Australia

    Explore the outback from the back of a camel and come to terms with the remoteness and harshness of one of the world’s last remaining frontiers. See first hand how camels have adapted to the harsh life here and how Aussies have adopted them into their culture. Journey to Alice Springs for the annual Camel Cup and take a wager on the obstinate beasts.

  6. Railing the outback, Australia

    Train lovers will salivate at the idea of a 2705 mile journey from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific across the continent of Australia. Traveling on the Indian Pacific journey from Sydney to Adelaide and across the Nullabor to Perth. This is amongst the most forbidding wilderness landscape in Australia, but undertaken in true comfort aboard the train.

  7. Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

    Dive or snorkel with whale sharks, manta rays and other sea life on this untouched 161 mile coral reef.

  8. Stay in a tree house, Daintree

    In far north Queensland the best way to appreciate this intriguing rainforest and enjoy its remoteness is by staying a night in the middle of it all. A tree house offers the perfect eco-oriented and relaxing option.

  9. Underground hotel, Coober Pedy

    Due to the severe heat and cold in the opal mining town of Coober Pedy locals have taken to building homes, shops and even hotels underground. In the below ground suites the temperature remains constant throughout the year and sleeping is peaceful and restful.

  10. Antarctica

    Journey to the coldest, windiest and driest continent on earth with dramatic glaciers and icebergs and lots of penguins.