Once-in-a-Lifetime Training


If you have a degree of physical fitness you will find travel far easier and more enjoyable. Consider exercising up to three times a week if you are not already doing so, in the month preceding the journey. Get used to completing exercise for the duration of time that will be required during your vacation.


Some of these once-in-a-lifetime adventures require specific skills and you may need to demonstrate your expertise before you take part. For example cave diving is for experienced divers only. However other journeys will only require a little effort and enthusiasm.

Mental Preparation

This is an important role in activities that will require you to have steely nerves for like cave diving, diving with sharks or living on a submarine which all involve a resistance to claustrophobia. Obviously the more you have tested yourself prior to the event in similar situations will probably determine how you react under pressure.

Gear Requirements/Packing lists

All tour operators will give you a list of the suitable clothing and specialized gear you may require for the journey. Usually they will be able to rent items that are not included in your program costs or point you to a sports outfitter that can. It would be unwise to go out and actually purchase the equipment unless you are making a long-term commitment to the activity/sport.

Your destination and the duration of time you’re traveling will dictate what and how much you bring. For example if you’re doing polar exploration you won’t need a bikini and sarong. Likewise jackets aren’t going to be much use on a mountain bike trip through Africa.

The key is to pack items that can do double duties. Stay away from cotton items that take too long to dry or clothes that wrinkle. Pack one nice item of clothes for dinner out and always have pants or a skirt that can cover your legs in country’s where more modesty is required. Darker colors hide dirt better and save the hassle of constant washing. If it’s a cooler climate consider layering your wardrobe rather than taking bulky jackets and coats. You can usually buy inexpensive clothes in the markets of southeast Asia or Latin America if you find you lack something.

For bag choice let your interests dictate. If you are trekking you will need a backpack. If you don’t need to walk too much consider a rolling bag to save your back.