As usual the far east delivers some exotic options to the adventurers menu. Dine with a Maharaja, undertake a camel safari, journey halfway around the world by train or try some reindeer sledding. From India to the Arctic there’s a variety of climates, terrain and people along the way.

  1. Dine with a Maharaja, Gujurat

    The old palaces of Gujurat have recently opened to tourism as heritage hotels. You can stay in the old castles and princely lodgings of the current day Maharaja’s, Maharani’s and their families. Dine with royalty and inspect their car or sword collections.

  2. Trans Siberian

    At 6,214 miles the world’s greatest railway can ignite your imagination from Beijing, to the Mongol capital Ulaanbaatar and the old imperial cities of Russia.

  3. Heli biking, Nepal

    For a taste of high altitude mountain bike adventure take a chopper ride between Mt Annapurna and Dhaualgiri up to the pass of Thorang-la (5,415m). This is where the adventure begins descending into the world’s deepest gorge at Kaligandaki River Valley.

  4. Zero gravity flight, Russia

    For an experience right out Apollo 11 take a zero gravity flight at the Russian Space Agency with the help of experienced astronauts.

  5. North Pole Helicopter Safari, Russia

    Take an expedition in the midnight sun to the Geographic North Pole from St Petersberg.

  6. Camel safari, India

    Buy your own camel at the annual Desert Festival in Jaisalmer or Pushkar then make your way across the endless sand dunes in this fabulous desert state of forts and palaces.

  7. Korean Temple Stay

    Stay the night in a Buddhist temple for a unique experience of Korea and a chance to chat with monks.

  8. Ride with nomads, Mongolia

    Meet nomadic herders out on the remote Mongolian Steppe traveling on horseback into a land of rolling hills. Follow the river valleys up onto ridges for views of the country.

  9. Reindeer sledding, Russia

    Travel by reindeer sled and learn about the native Yakutian and Evenkian lifestyles and a means of winter travel that has existed in this region for centuries.

  10. Long neck women, Thailand

    Visit the unusual and exotic Long-Neck Giraffe Women in the jungles of Thailand. They wear numerous brass rings around their elongated necks.