"New Year 2015 Fireworks" by David Yu via Flickr Creative Commons

While parts of the earth are just as stern on their views of homosexuality, the majority of the world is becoming more open. Most of the major tourist sites in the world are visited by gay tour groups and marketing a tourist destination toward gays and lesbians is now commonplace. Large, cosmopolitan cities top the list as they always have for their open minded, diverse populations that allow gay communities and tourist sites to thrive.

  1. San Francisco, California San Francisco has long been the gay capital of the Americas for its constant fighting for LGBT equality and the many gay friendly neighborhoods, open minded population, and wide variety of attractions and amenities.
  2. Mykonos, Greece Although it may not live up to the gay scenes of a Homeric epic, the beaches of Mykonos are a haven of gay culture and tourism.
  3. Toronto, Canada Canada’s largest metropolitan area and the most diverse city has a vibrant gay scene. Most prefer the bars and clubs on Yonge Street, the border of the city’s Gay Village, and the hydrofoil ferries that will take you to your wedding at Niagara Falls.
  4. Buenos Aires, Argentina The most European of Latin American cities has one of the liveliest gay communities in the world. The stylish cafes and clubs, a gay only hotel, and a vibrant arts scene make BA a LGBT paradise.
  5. Tel Aviv, Israel The LGBT movement is strong here and growing, with openly gay public officials and a very liberal attitude towards gays and lesbians. Tel Aviv, the country’s most cosmo and diverse city has a small gay scene dominated by a few bars and clubs.
  6. Cape Town, South Africa Spend your days climbing around the Cape, taking wine tours, visiting a nude beach, and checking out a big game reserve and then head to trendy Greenpoint’s Waterkant Street for the best gay nightlife on the African continent.
  7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The open sexuality of Carnaval extends throughout the year in the form of Pride parades, lavish gay owned resorts and hotels, trendy bars and clubs, and numerous LGBT festivals.
  8. Sydney, Australia Apart from being Australia’s most cosmopolitan city, Sydney has a vibrant gay scene that ranges from B&B’s, clubs, cafes, restaurants, shopping, pubs, pride parades, and even a gay and lesbian Mardi Gras.
  9. Honolulu, Hawaii The entire island chain, which is one of the oldest to allow gay marriage, attracts boatloads of gay travelers, literally, on the numerous gay cruise ships that dock here.
  10. Lesbos, Greece While Lesbos isn’t actually that openly gay friendly, for the past several decades hordes of lesbians began visiting the island to honor the 6th century BC poetess Sappho, born in the beach area of Skala Eressos, which has become a mecca for the international lesbian community.

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