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Gay tours vary greatly. Some are aimed at families and couples. Some tours are aimed at just young, single men that are looking to have more fun that actually see sights. Many tours, even though run by a gay operator, are open to both gays and straights. Some gay cruises are limited to just gay men or lesbians.

Your budget and the location are your biggest choices when choosing a tour. The more isolated the location; chances are the pricier it is to reach. Your comfort level is important as well. Many are content with staying in tents and hiking long distances, eating simple food, a guide that may not even speak the same language, and all around basic amenities. Though, many prefer posh jungle resorts with buffet meals, a pool, air conditioned rooms, and all around luxurious facilities. Be sure to have a written contract stating everything included in your tour from the equipment, to the type of sheets on the bed, right down to the food of every meal. Both options are available and the choice is completely yours.

Suggested Tour Operators

Alyson Adventures (, Tel. +800-825-9766)
Adventure travel and active vacations are the focus of Alyson’s worldwide, award winning gay and lesbian trips. Destinations include Antarctica, Costa Rica, the Caribbean and biking in Portugal.
Atlantis Events (, Tel. +800-6-ATLANTIS)
All gay cruises and resort packages with a focus on Europe and the Mediterranean for younger, active males.
Detours Gay Adventure Travel (, Tel. +800-680-8066)
Anything but your typical “group tour”, Detours is a laid-back, no-strings-attached approach to gay group travel that feels more like exploring the world with old friends than anything else.
RSVP Vacations (, Tel. + 800-328-7787)
RSVP has a variety of all-Gay singles and couples vacations on cruise ships docking in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South America, and Pacific, as well as many land based trips.
Undersea Expeditions (, Tel. +800-669-0310)
Scuba and snorkel vacations for gays and lesbians, mostly to warm water dive sites in the Caribbean, Central America and South Pacific.

Do-it-yourself options

Although using a tour operator to organize a gay tour helps many gays and lesbians get around easier, it is not the only way for gays and lesbians to travel. Many prefer not to travel as a gay person, but to simply travel as a person where their sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with them. You can always find a gay club, a gay friendly hotel, or a local gay community - if it exists - on your own. Airline tickets, hotels, local tours and guides, dining, and transportation do not need a tour operator to be booked. Anyone can do so online, by the phone or in person and it may be cheaper to do so in many instances without the help of a tour operator.

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