"World Pride" by Allen via Flickr Creative Commons

North America is perhaps the capital of the gay world. This is where you can find gay hotels, thriving gay neighborhoods, and in most large cities a fairly open minded population. The small towns are hit and miss, but most large or medium size cities have significant gay communities that are extremely active. Some areas such as San Francisco and Miami have the largest gay populations, but smaller cities such as Columbus or Portland are quickly gaining popularity.

  1. San Francisco, California San Francisco has long been the gay capital of the Americas for its constant fighting for LGBT equality and the many gay friendly neighborhoods, open minded population, and wide variety of attractions and amenities.
  2. Toronto, Canada Canada’s largest metropolitan area and the most diverse city has a vibrant gay scene. Most prefer the bars and clubs on Yonge Street, the border of the city’s Gay Village, and the hydrofoil ferries that will take you to your wedding at Niagara Falls.
  3. Honolulu, Hawaii The entire island chain, which is one of the oldest to allow gay marriage, attracts boatloads of gay travelers, literally, on the numerous gay cruise ships that dock here.
  4. Miami, Florida Gay nightlife, hotels, gay owned restaurants and attractions have made Miami Beach the epicenter of gay life in South Florida and one of the top gay travel destinations in the world.
  5. Key West, Florida This small city at the very tip of the Florida Key’s official motto is “One Human Family." Therefore lesbians and gays live in the open and are considered an important part of the community, thus attracting slews of gay tourists.
  6. Cancun, Mexico Cancun is becoming more and more gay friendly, although slowly. There are a handful of gay bars and just a few gay owned and operated B&B’s, but the amenities are expanding.
  7. Mexico City, Mexico Mexico City has one of the few tourist boards that is going out of their way to attract gay tourists, going as far as signing a deal with the Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.
  8. New York City, New York From the first fights against discrimination at the Stonewall Inn to the trendy bars and clubs of the Meat Packing District, homosexuality is an accepted way of life to most New Yorkers.
  9. Boston, Massachusetts One of the world’s great intellectual cities, very liberal, and home to a vibrant student population.
  10. Columbus, Ohio From the thriving gay and lesbian bars and trendy restaurants, cafes, and boutique hotels in the Short North Arts District to the gay and lesbian friendly communities of Clintonville and German Village, this Midwestern capital is one of Gay America’s rising stars.

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