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Europe is the classic romantic continent and the gay lifestyle is widely accepted throughout. In ancient Greece and Rome homosexuality was widely accepted and the tradition has continued to this day. Major cities and tourist destinations such as Rome or Paris see loads of gay tour groups. The major cities have vibrant gay scenes like nowhere else on earth that are infused with a steady stream of homosexual tourists.

  1. Mykonos, Greece Although it may not live up to the gay scenes of a Homeric epic, the beaches of Mykonos are a haven of gay culture and tourism.
  2. Lesbos, Greece While Lesbos isn’t actually that openly gay friendly, for the past several decades hordes of lesbians began visiting the island to honor the 6th century BC poetess Sappho, born in the beach area of Skala Eressos, which has become a mecca for the international lesbian community.
  3. Berlin, Germany Schoeneberg is the traditional center of gay Berlin, but the community extends to numerous gay hostels and B&B’s, clubs, restaurants, cafes, festivals, monthly parties, and designer boutiques.
  4. Ibiza, Spain Ibiza has one of the most boisterous gay scenes in Europe with gay beaches, huge gay clubs, wild dance parties, friendly B&B’s, and much more.
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam and Holland in general are open minded about a lot of things, including homosexuality. Gay clubs, newspapers, gay friendly and owned B&B’s, and a very easy to find gay scene.
  6. Milan, Italy This European fashion capital has a vibrant gay scene that extends beyond the clubs to bookstores, cafes, and numerous cultural events.
  7. Geneva, Switzerland Switzerland is ell known as one of the most open minded countries in Europe, and Geneva is epicenter of gay culture with numerous gay-owned and gay-friendly bars, clubs, hotels, and guesthouses.
  8. London, England London’s Gay and Lesbian scene is one of Europe’s most vibrant and exciting. The old homophobic attitudes are slowly disappearing and being replaced by open minded people who are offering ore and more gay friendly amenities.
  9. Paris, France They don’t call it Gay Paree for nothing. The high fashion scene, luxurious hotels, fine dining, intellectual and open minded population are more than open to gay travelers and tour groups.
  10. Vienna, Austria Apart from fine architecture and meeting with open minded intellectuals at coffeehouses, you can come to Life Ball, the biggest Charity Event to fight HIV in Europe, or the numerous other festivals and events.

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