"Pride Parade LGBT Rio de Janeiro 2010" by Alobos Life via Flickr Creative Commons

Although Latin America is one of the most devout Catholic regions in the world the majority of cities are quite Cosmopolitan and accepting of homosexuality. Places of high fashion such as Buenos Aires and Lima are full of gay friendly hotels and restaurants, not to mention trendy bars and clubs. The big attractions such as Machu Picchu and Angel Falls see loads of gay tour groups and rarely encounter any problems.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina The most European of Latin American cities has one of the liveliest gay communities in the world. The stylish cafes and clubs, a gay only hotel, and a vibrant arts scene make BA a LGBT paradise.
  2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The open sexuality of Carnaval extends throughout the year in the form of Pride parades, lavish gay owned resorts and hotels, trendy bars and clubs, and numerous LGBT festivals.
  3. Lima, Peru The one time center of the Spanish Viceroyalty and Catholicism in Latin America is now a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with numerous amenities for the LGBT community from clubs, fine restaurants, and gay owned and operated B&B’s.
  4. Cusco, Peru Most major gay tours stop in Cusco on their way to Machu Picchu, but the vibrant gay scene here keeps visitors coming back. Even the Cuzqueña flag is a rainbow.
  5. Panama City, Panama Central America’s most cosmopolitan city is overflowing with trendy new clubs, cool boutique hotels, and gay friendly neighborhoods and attractions.
  6. Bogotá, Colombia Colombia’s capital has one of the most vibrant gay scenes in the Americas with literally hundreds of gay and gay friendly bars strewn all across this sleek city. The best nightlife can be found in the Centro, Chapinero, La Zona Rosa, and along Avenida 10 de Mayo.
  7. São Paulo, Brazil São Paulo, the third largest metropolitan area in the world and the wealthiest city in the southern hemisphere, has a great gay scene with more than 40 bars, clubs and saunas.
  8. Santiago, Chile Santiago’s gay scene is found mostly in the chic, cosmo downtown areas, especially Barrio Bellavista at the foot of Cerro San Cristobal, Pable Neruda’s old hangout.
  9. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador The Galapagos is where you can find a gay man get the most excited about boobies. Numerous major gay tour operators have made this ecotourism hotspot, home to some of the rarest ecosystems on the planet, a staple tour on their list.
  10. San Jose, Costa Rica From the numerous gay friendly hotels and inns and the occasional gay club, to one of the most open communities in Central America, San Jose is just the start of gay friendly explorations in Costa Rica.

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