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Recommended reading

Damron Women’s Traveller by Gina M. Gatta
Lesbian themed travel guide for worldwide destinations, trip planning, tour operator listings, and more.
Frommer’s Gay & Lesbian Guides
One of the few mainstream guidebook publishers to put out a series of gay guides.
Ferrari International Guides
Ferrari puts out numerous guidebooks and pocket guides for gay travels around the world. One of the most complete lines of gay guides available.
Gay Travels in the Muslim World by Michael Luongo
This collection of stories from both Muslim and non-Muslim Gay men’s travels in the Muslim world and the attitudes and challenges they face.
The Gay Vacation Guide: The Best Trips and How to Plan Them by Mark Chesnut
A basic guide to finding and planning your gay themed vacation and travels. Tips on where to go and what to do.
Lavender Lodging & Leisure: A Travel Companion for Women by Susan Press
Created by women for women travelers and features female owned guesthouses and hotels, trip planning, and more.
Naked Places, A Guide for Gay Men to Nude Recreation and Travel by Michael Boyd
The 5th edition of this popular guide takes you across the western world to the best nude beaches, gay cruises, gay resorts, inns, and guesthouses.
Out Traveler (http://www.outtraveler.com)
From the publishers of Out and The Advocate, this is by far the best gay travel mag. Comes out quarterly and features many of the best known gay and lesbian travel writers in the world today.
Spartacus International Gay Guide
A gay travel guide to the entire world. The size doesn’t exactly make it travel friendly, but is a one stop resource to give you a good idea of where to go next.
Wonderlands: Good Gay Travel Writing by Raphael Kadushin
Wonderlands is an anthology featuring some of the best gay travel writing from authors such as Edmund White, Tim Miller, and Philip Gambone.

Useful Websites

Gay Travel Blog (http://www.travel.gaynewsblog.net)
A basic travel blog that searches the web and tour operators for gay and lesbian travel deals, news, books, and more.
Gay.com (http://www.gay.com)
All around information for the LGBT community including articles on gay travels from OutTraveler magazine.
International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (http://www.iglta.org)
The best all-around resource for gay and lesbian travel. Members ($100 to join, plus $150 a year) get a newsletter, advice on specialist travel agencies, trip reviews, and more.


Behind the Mask (http://www.mask.org.za)
One of the most useful websites for any gay or lesbian person considering or planning travel in Africa or the Middle East. You simply can click on a country you are interested in and you’ll get the latest info about the legal status of homosexuality, arrests, and other criminal activity against homosexual tourists/locals.

North America

Gay Canada (http://www.gaycanada.com)
The first and only GLB community based information network for the gays, lesbians and bisexuals in Canada.

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