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The Most Magical Spa on Earth

Lava and algae facials? Check. Natural healing properties? Yup. Ridiculous landscapes? You bet. The Blue Lagoon checks all...

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Wine Therapy: Yes it's Real and Obviously You Need It

This is not a tease: wine therapy is real and the best way to drink your cares away. More formally known as vinotherapy​, ...

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The Best Beer Tasting in the World Also Includes a Beer Bath

Czechs take the idea of relaxing with a cold one to a whole new level. Called the Beer Wellness Land, at Chodovar, a large...

Weird & Wacky

7 Crazy Spa Treatments Around the World

Generally speaking, a trip to the spa plunges a traveler into the rich depths of beauty and relaxation. But when those tre...


Get Handsy Learning the Art of Massage

You could spend your vacation in Thailand lounging on a white-sand beach indulging in tropical drinks and $10 Thai massages. Or, you could spend part of that trip learning the ancient art of Thai massage and take home a lifelong souvenir that will instantly increase your popularity among friends and family. For experiential travelers, a course in Thai massage is more than learning how to give a good backrub. It’s insight into the culture that most on the receiving end of a Thai massage will n...


Luxury Spas so Pristine the Real Housewives Would Approve

If you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know there are some pretty pampered women in the ATL. Take a page out of ...


Hurts So Good: Blind and Fire Massages in China

Massage therapy is an ancient form of therapy practiced in many parts of Asia. While it is slowly being accepted as more t...


Don’t Miss: Mineral Spas in Saskatchewan

For anyone who didn’t think there was anything more perfect than relaxing in a natural hot spring, let us introduce you to...