"Smash the Column" by Mateus Lunardi Dutra via Flickr Creative Commons

Escape from the world and take a detox on life stress by removing yourself to some of the remote and beautiful areas of the South Pacific. Go wilderness camping on a remote Queensland island, hike one of Australia’s great tracks, take a hot bath in New Zealand or a traditional Fijian massage. Relax, rejuvenate and enjoy yourself in this part of the world.

  1. Masthead Island, Queensland Really get away from life’s stresses by doing some remote camping on this magnificent coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef. By remote we mean no food, no toilets and no water are available on this island. There is just sand, trees, birds and other wildlife. You have to take everything – food, water, tents, snorkeling gear and get dropped off for 1-3 weeks by a fishing trawler and picked up again at the end.
  2. Rotorua, New Zealand The public hot springs in Rotorua are said to cure arthritis in three months! You can go and test this theory for yourself lazing in the hot alkaline pools of varying temperatures for a very reasonable cost.
  3. Bobo Massage, Fiji Take this traditional massage next time you visit Fiji. This method has been passed down through generations in a culture deeply rooted with daily healing rituals for the body and soul. The massage involves long, slow strokes as languid as the islands themselves to stimulate circulation and release tension. The use of rich tropical nut oils sets it off perfectly. Usually the challenge is to stay awake through the whole thing.
  4. Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand Dig your own spa in the sand at low tide near the rocks and in places where steam can be seen rising from the open sea at high tide.
  5. Wwoofing, Australia or New Zealand Volunteer on an organic farm and learn all about the skills of growing organic vegetables and the area you are working in. A great way to travel while giving back to individual farmers, the environment and learning something in the process.
  6. Volunteer, Papua New Guinea Take time out of your life and give back to a needy community in the developing nation of Papua New Guinea. Go as a skilled professional to assist in health clinics and hospitals, run sports programs in local communities or help with remote schools.
  7. Eco retreat, Byron Bay The hinterland near Byron Bay is full or artist retreats, hideaway B&Bs, eco friendly farms and charming places to stay. Get back to nature on a property where everything is recycled from the water, down to the kitchen peelings and human waste; where spring water is utilized for all water systems and where you can do some painting, outdoor yoga and plenty of country walks.
  8. Overland Track, Tasmania Take a fitness challenge and hike the 49.7 mile route through the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. It takes five or six days and you must carry all your own food and camping equipment. Perfect for the ultimate escape.
  9. Thalgo therapy, Fiji This sea and marine algae therapy is a choice selection in Fiji’s resorts and hotels. Use natural products such as frangipani body butter, hot and cold stones, algae wraps or mud masks for the ultimate relaxation.
  10. Pilates This body conditioning program is offered almost everywhere around Australia and in places in New Zealand. It is meant to develop flexibility and strength without building bulk via a system of controlled movements and specially designed equipment.

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