"Tango" by Luca Boldrini via Flickr Creative Commons

Take in some music therapy, volunteer on an Inca project in Peru or give yourself a dance tonic in Brazil. Or you could challenge yourself on outdoor activities in the Amazon or relax on a beach in the Caribbean.

  1. Temazcal, Mexico This traditional healing method involving heat is practiced by indigenous North and Central Americans. However in Mexico it was not primarily for ceremonial purposes, relaxation or cleaning but therapeutic or medical instrument. In Mexico the structures are permanent and made of a circle of bricks. A hole in the center carries heated stone and water is poured over them. Herbs are released depending on the needs of the patient.
  2. Drumming, Mali Experience the rhythms and sounds that can promote emotional and spiritual release in the many music forms of Africa, particularly those of Mali in the West.
  3. Health retreats, Mexico There are plenty of holistic, yoga, health-oriented spa and mineral hot springs to visit in Mexico for some relaxation and renewal time.
  4. Inca projects, Peru Learn all about the Inca civilization while helping the people of Peru recover the pre-Hispanic, Incan agricultural terraces, roads and ancient walls.
  5. Amazon adventure, Brazil Undertake a grueling rainforest trek, raft the wild river rapids, explore the wildlife and nature reserves and get in touch with your primal fears, needs and above all satisfy your need for adventure.
  6. Thermal springs, Mexico Querétaro is famous for its thermal springs and lies in the middle of a wine and cheese making area (Tequisquiapan) and some astonishing natural and cultural beauties. Or if you like steaming and belching mountains you’ll love the soaks in the thermal springs of Ceboruco in Nayarit.
  7. Dance tonics, Brazil The home of samba is a great tonic for developing a range of motion, endurance, aerobic capacity, flexibility and strength. The upbeat music and pattern steps are an easy workout and will help you forget your cares. Visit during the annual Carnevale for the ultimate samba celebrations.
  8. Tango, Argentina Get in touch with your sexy, sultry side with a visit to Buenos Aires, the home of tango. You’ll be uplifted by other dancers and proud of your achievements after even just a little time with heel to pavement.
  9. Beach vacation, the Caribbean You can’t get more relaxing than any of the peaceful stretches in the Caribbean. Sail out to the uninhabited Virgin Islands, explore the underwater world of the Bahamas, sit on a deserted beach in Belize or listen to soft reggae in Jamaica.
  10. Semana Santa Take a religious retreat during this Holy week at any of the celebrations throughout South America. Join the solemn rituals, processions, prayer meetings and pilgrims paying homage.

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