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Training/Practice Exercises

These vacations are usually undertaken so you can take a break from your life or even kick start you into a routine whereby you might start utilizing the skills you learn in your daily life. The whole reason you go on these vacations is because you aren’t doing the training or practice exercises you might need. So it might be more a means of incorporating the skills you learn on vacation, the stress relief mechanisms and healthy life choices into your daily life afterwards. If you are going with a tour package the leaders should give you useful tips about how to do this.

If you want to start on that before you go there are plenty of self-help books or guides that can teach you the basics of meditation, yoga, nutrition and stress relief. Local gymnasiums or community groups usually run yoga or meditation courses. You could see a doctor or nutrition expert about your diet or start a fitness regime to help you gain self confidence and health.

Probably the most important preparation is to book yourself into the right package. Think about the kind of location you want (warm or cold climate, ritzy or relaxed), the type of experience (rainforest camping, massage or nutrition) and the kind of clientele you want to share it with. If you have issues with your weight go to a place that focuses on weight loss as you’ll be surrounded by people with similar issues rather than annoyingly thin types.

Gear Requirements/Packing lists

You’ll generally need a fairly limited amount of gear on these kinds of vacations. Try to avoid computers, organizers, diaries and mobile phones – anything that might get you thinking of appointments, schedules, plotting work or even doing it. The idea is to have a complete break from your life and indulge in nature, relief or exercise.

If you are planning to stay at or visit a resort, leave the television off and bring your favorite books and catch up on some good reading while you’re there.

If your itinerary involves any exercise you will need to take the appropriate items for this eg. camping equipment, running shoes or bathing costumes.

Any clothing you require should be suited to the environment. Pack separate clothing for the treatment / exercise time and any more formal clothing you need for dinners or social activities.

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