Turks and Caicos are a group of 40 islands located in the warm tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With a milder climate than its close by Caribbean neighbors and mile-upon-mile of unspoiled coastline, the country has earned itself a reputation as a beach lover’s paradise.

Only around eight of the islands are inhabited, and most visitors head to the largest and most populated island of Providenciales. It is here where most of the activities can be found, such as dive excursions, water sports, and boating trips. Elsewhere around the country, the island of Salt Cay makes a good launching point for whale watching tours.

Turks and Caicos has long-been used to receiving a high volume of tourists, and today relies heavily on the industry. During the high season, the islands can get busy, although even during this time there are usually accommodations available to suit most budgets.

There is plenty to do during the day, but the islands are also very much alive at night. Most of the best restaurants are located on the main island of Providenciales, as this is where most visitors base themselves for the duration of their stay. There are several dining options here, ranging from gourmet eateries with blissful ocean views, to family run-restaurants that cater for smaller budgets.

The weather on these islands is frequently perfect. The trade winds keep the islands warm, but never too hot - averaging 350 days of sunshine every year! January-February are the cooler months, with averages of 65-70-degrees F., and the warm months (July-August) average around 90-degrees F. Year round, ocean temperatures are between 75-80-degrees - the perfect temperature for swimming.

The main airport and international gateway for Turks and Caicos is located on Providenciales, where the majority of the hotels and amenities are based. There is also a domestic airport in the capital city of Cockburn on the island of Grand Turk, where there are several accommodations and dining options to choose from. Traveling around the islands by passenger boat is difficult. Inter-island travel is possible, but it is much easier to take advantage of one of the four domestic airports in Turks and Caicos, which offer several regularly scheduled flights a day.


  • Go scuba diving in the gloriously warm waters of the tropical Atlantic
  • Have a beach day (or five) to make the most of 350 annual days of sunshine
  • Charter a yacht to find a hidden escape on one of the outlying islands
  • See migrating humpback whales in transit
  • Go sports fishing in the easily-accessed deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Experience a wonder of nature at the monthly spawning of marine glowworms

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