Photo Credit: Zach Baranowski

Comprising of a chain of 30 islands in the tropical Atlantic, Turks and Caicos offers activities cantered on the water and beaches. The country is an excellent diving destination, and is also popular for boating and fishing. One of the great natural wonders of the world is also supported by the ocean here, as once a month visitors have the opportunity to witness spawning marine glow worms on sunset boat cruises.

Most of the activities are based on the main island of Providenciales, where the majority of tourists choose to stay. Most of the operators will provide transportation to and from your hotel as part of the package. Whale watching is launched from Salt Cay or Grand Turk Islands, so you will need to make your way over for this one-in-a-lifetime experience. This can be done by either catching a domestic flight or with a combination of road and sea travel.

With year-round warm sea temperatures, a lack of rain, and clear blue waters, Turks and Caicos make an absolutely wonderful scuba diving destination. Dive Provo provides equipment hire, instruction, and regularly scheduled excursions to the best dive sites around the islands. They also offer night dive excursions, a great option for more experienced divers.

Turks and Caicos provides visitors with a chance to watch the enchanting spawning of the glow worms. Almost like clockwork, between three and six nights after every full moon, the marine glow worms perform a sparkling mating ritual, emitting a pulsating green luminescence, and providing quite a spectacle for the observer. The best way to experience the wonder of the natural show is by taking a boat tour to the location of the glow worms, a service offered by Atebeyra Sun Charters.

A popular way to experience the ocean is by yacht charter. Sail Provo offers boat charters for a few hours, as well as special deal for extended trips.

Sports fishing is one of the lures of Turks and Caicos, since the surrounding ocean provides a great location for some serious game fishing. You can contact Panoply and join one of their regularly scheduled fishing excursions. All required equipment and crew is provided.

Between February and May, the islands of Turks and Caicos provide an excellent launching point for a whale watching excursion. Migrating Humpback whales swim by the Turks Head passage near the islet of Salt Cay in order to reach their birthing grounds. Visitors can get a really good look at the huge mammals by taking a short boat ride out. Salt Cay Whale Charters provides daily excursions, departing Salt Cay or the island of Grand Turk during the season.

To make the most of the beach lifestyle, you may wish to have a go at some water sports during your time in Turks and Caicos. Nautique Sports provides training and equipment rental for a variety of activities, including water skiing, kite surfing and wake boarding.

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