Puerto Rico is a land of many influences and from the African slaves to the Spanish conquerors, the island has seen many cultures grace its shores. Today the island boasts a diverse scene with great opportunities to enjoy the extensive and beautiful natural environment and learn more about its interesting and complicated history.

Puerto Rico has so many activities that tourists' biggest concern is deciding what to do first. Most items are geared towards the outdoorsy traveler with things like scuba diving off the stunning coast, hiking through the majestic rainforest or horse-riding on one of the many beaches. There are, however, a few tamer things like a visit to the many historic plantations which helped grow the island’s economy.

The landmark sites are just as plentiful offering travelers everything from historical tours and cultural excursions to continually awe and inspire. Art buffs will love the many galleries and museums which chronicle Puerto Rico's past. Not to be missed are the bioluminescent bays which are a stunning example of how unpredictable and powerful nature truly is.

There is a range of accommodation options available catering to every need and budget. In the larger cities especially, visitors will find everything from five-star luxury hotels to budget backpackers hostels. The cuisine is also well worth a try with most local restaurants serving Puerto Rican staples, beans and rice. There are also, however, a plethora of international options for travelers who prefer to stick to the comforts of home.

The Caribbean is extremely appealing with countries like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, and the Bahamas only a stone’s throw away. Puerto Rico itself is quite geographically varied which makes for an exciting and diverse experience. Whether you're looking for beach and sun, lush green rainforests or challenging mountain ranges, Puerto Rico has it all.

Puerto Rico has a tropical climate which makes the island’s weather generally pleasant year round. Temperatures rarely vary and there are only slight changes between night and day, summer and winter. The northern region is a bit cooler, but the south is a bit drier. Dry season runs from November to April and temperatures tend to be a bit cooler. The mercury drops no lower than 70˚F which is why Puerto Rico is such an appealing winter getaway. The most agreeable month during the dry season is February when temperatures are perfect for an escape from the snow. Rainy season takes place from April to November, but precipitation levels aren’t nearly as bad as some of Puerto Rico's Caribbean neighbors.

Traveling around Puerto Rico is relatively easy as the public transportation system is top notch. Car rental is definitely an option with many reliable providers. There are two main taxi companies that offer private, metered and shared cabs which are significantly cheaper. The train line operates around San Juan and the surrounding metropolitan area, while the bus network is far more extensive and able to reach more remote areas.


  • Swim in the glowing waters of the bioluminescent bays
  • Surf at one of the island’s world-famous breaks
  • Visit a historically significant plantation
  • Take in art and culture at the impressive Museo de Arte de Ponce
  • Horseback ride at sunset on a gorgeous beach
  • Explore the intricate cave system of the Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy

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