Puerto Rico-82 by horspowr1001 via Flickr Creative Commons

Puerto Rico delivers when it comes to shopping. Everything from locally made handicrafts and designer labels can be found here at reasonable prices. Travelers looking for crafts should make their way to Old San Juan where all sorts of interesting goods can be picked up. The area is famous for its evening street fairs held on the weekends where you can interact directly with the talented artisans.

Some items to look out for in Puerto Rico include wooden sculptures called santos which have great religious significance, mundillo, a special form of lace, and andvejigantes, traditional masks worn during festivals. Another popular buy are cigars which are hand rolled by local producers and of the highest quality. Travelers should be aware though that any cigars labeled Cubans are either fake or illegal as the United States is still enforcing an embargo on Cuban trade.

Another one of Puerto Rico’s most popular products is the national drink of the islands — rum. The Distileria Serralles is one of the oldest distilleries in the world and home to the famous Don Q which is a good place to sample and pickup souviners.

For those wanting a shopping trip that’s a little less rustic, there are always the malls and upscale fashion districts. Plaza Las Americas is the place for a shopping spree and the largest shopping center in the entire Caribbean. Designer labels have their home in Condado, by far the trendiest part of San Juan where everyone from Gucci and Ferragamo to Dior and Cartier can be found.

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