Old San Juan by Nick Perrette via Flickr Creative Commons

Puerto Rico is an outdoor adventurer’s playground with most of the things to do catering to the needs of adrenaline seekers. This is no surprise considering the country’s vast expanse of natural beauty, from its stunning coastline to the luscious rainforests. Whether you’re an expert or a first time sports enthusiast, there is an activity for everyone.

Hitting the waves at the Caribbean’s best surf spots and exploring the world down under on a scuba diving excursion are two highlights. There are also things for those who prefer to stay on land, including a visit to one of the many historically significant coffee plantations.

Take advantage of Puerto Rico’s beautiful Caribbean coast by embarking on an unforgettable snorkeling or scuba diving trip. From Rincon and Aguada to Isabela and Aguadilla, there are many sites to choose from on all sides of the island. Explore the deep or shallow blue waters with one of many companies like East Puerto Rico Scuba Diving.

Travelers simply cannot leave Puerto Rico without at least trying surfing. The undisputed capital in the Caribbean boasts some of the best and most exciting waves in the world. While surf pros are excited by the swells, there are also calm beaches which are perfectly suited for beginners. Many companies offer lessons to eager newbies including the reputable Rincon Surf School.

Travelers who grow weary of the water should definitely try horseback riding in this tropical environment. This is no ordinary trail experience as most tour companies offer excursions which start on the beach and continue on to a lush tropical forest. The company Tropical Trail Rides specializes in horse-riding and four-wheel drive tours to many of the islands beach areas.

If it’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure you’re after then the zip line is just for you. Sail through the treetops of Puerto’s Rico’s forest region near Utuado on seven different course with a birds-eye view of nature. Most visits include a short hike to learn about the native flora and fauna. One of the most popular companies is the Batey Zipline Adventure.

If you want to remain on the ground, there's always hiking through the country’s gorgeous forest floors. The El Yunuque Rainforest located in the northeastern region of Puerto Rico is home to lush vegetation, interesting fauna and a few challenging mountains. There are many popular walking tails including La Mina which treats its guests to a natural swimming pool at the end. Trekking excursions can be organized through Acampa Nature Adventure Tours.

Once the outdoor activities have been exhausted you could always take it down a notch and visit a plantation. Puerto Rico was a main producer and exporter of many goods including coffee, sugar cane and tobacco in the past and there is still evidence of these industries. Some of the coffee plantations are still active, but most of the others have been turned into museums which is a great way to learn more about the island’s interesting economic and agricultural history. Tours can be taken in Jayuya, Adjuntas and Ponce.

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