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Sri Lanka’s bar and pubbing scene is relatively passive, being contained in the large cities of Colombo and the like. The same cannot be said about the country’s cuisine, which is as exciting and diverse as ever. While there is a plethora of well-priced local restaurants in almost every town, the country has its fair share of international options on offer for those looking for home comforts.

Sri Lanka Bars and Pubbing

Most of the nightlife and entertainment in Sri Lanka can be found in the commercial capital of Colombo. Here, travelers can enjoy everything from old fashioned supper clubs and traditional English pubs to nightclubs and lively bars. The scene is not altogether raucous so party animals will have to find their fun elsewhere, but there are plenty of options for a fun night out.

Tourists looking for an authentic beer-drinking experience should make their way to Clancy’s Irish Pub (29 Maitland Crescent, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo). Everything from ginger ale to Guinness is served at this fine establishment and on weekends, there are live music shows. A highlight for locals and travelers alike is the authentic pub quiz, which is held regularly during the week.

For something a little livelier, tourists should hear to Rhythm and Blues (RA de Mel Mawatha, Colombo). This quaint establishment is famous for its live music shows, which take place every night and range from hard rock to smooth jazz. Lovers of all genres are sure to have a good time here.

An upscale establishment with a great atmosphere, the Galle Face Hotel (2 Kollupitiya Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo) is the perfect place for a classy night out. Located right next to the sea and boasting Cuban cigars, checker boards, and a wine lounge, this bar pulls out all the stops.

Sri Lanka Dining and Cuisine

Sri Lankan food is an exciting mix of local and Southern Indian flavors. Local treats often include regional ingredients like seafood, lime juice, coconut, and a host of spices. The most popular dish, which can be found on the menus of all local restaurants, is curry and rice. In the large cities, there are several international options, but choices tend to shrink when traveling to more remote areas of the country.

For a taste of the local fare, travelers should head to The Curry Leaf (2 Sir Chittampalam, A Gardiner, Mawatha Fort, Colombo). An upscale restaurant with home style food, it has one of the best atmospheres and one of the best Sri Lankan menus in town. Another great choice is the Lotus Leaf (466 Union Pl, Slave Island, Colombo), which offers patrons top quality Sri Lankan fare at mind-bogglingly inexpensive prices. Popular with local students, this establishment has a vibrant atmosphere and is always busy.

Popular with locals, Beach Wadiya (2 Station Avenue, Wellawatta, Colombo) is a Colombo institution which has played host to the likes of Richard Branson and Princess Anne. Located right next to the beachfront, the restaurant serves up some of the best seafood in town. Beach Wadiya is always filled to the brim so it is best to make a reservation ahead of time.

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