Photo Credit: Jim Mullhaupt

As there are no international ports of entry in West Virginia, visitors will already have access into the state. Still, visitors should visit The Bureau of Consular Affairs website ( to verify whether or not they need a visa to enter the country. Canadian and Bermudian citizens can visit the United States without a visa for up to six months, while visitors from a number of other countries can visit the USA without a visa for up to 90 days.

Health and Safety

West Virginia is a very safe place to visit, with the biggest safety issues being on the roads. The mountainous roads can get quite slippery in the winter months and sometimes even impassable due to heavy snowfall. They are also quite steep, with sharp turns and occasional rock falls in some parts, although dangers will be clearly signposted.

Visitors partaking in adventure activities need to take the usual precautions, while hikers should always carry a stick to keep away wild dogs. Insect-borne diseases are present in the forests, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and West Nile virus, so it is important to keep the skin covered and use insect-repellent. Be sure to also check for ticks.

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