Texas Taxis and Car Rental

As befits a state as large as Texas, it takes a lot of driving to get between cities. But driving is definitely the way to go if you want to see anything outside of the city centers. Most attractions like The Alamo and the Stockyards Historic District require a vehicle to reach. Getting around by taxi is possible but inevitably costs much more than renting a car each day. Texas has excellent Interstate highways that cover every corner of the state. Road conditions are very good thanks to the dry climate here, and even on long journeys there are convenient gas and travel stops every few miles along the interstates. Cars can be easily rented at the airports or the offices of major car hire firms in the downtown districts of cities.

In the larger cities of Texas like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio there are plenty of taxi companies serving the public. They don’t cruise around looking for fares so you usually need to phone in for a pick up. Dallas has a dozen cab companies, including Yellow Checker (+1-214-426-6262), while Houston offers Yellow Cab (+1-713-236-1111) among its many companies. Fares are based on meters and the distance traveled, but journeys are reasonably priced.

Texas Trains and Buses

Amtrak operates three train lines that pass extensively through Texas. The Sunset Limited runs between New Orleans and Los Angeles, stopping at Beaumont, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso. The Texas Eagle line runs between Los Angeles and Chicago, with stops in San Antonio, El Paso, Austin, and Dallas. The Heartland Flyer runs from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth. Trains are slow and the fares are not cheap, but the scenery is excellent and the overall experience very comfortable.

Texas is also well-served by the Greyhound bus network. Fares for bus travel are very affordable but the buses themselves are not particularly comfortable or pleasant. This is an option only recommended for travelers on a serious budget.

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