"Hypodermic Needle IMG_7418" by Steven Depolo via Flickr Creative Commons

The United States government requires all foreign visitors to have their travel visas confirmed before arriving in the country. Check with your nearest American embassy or go online and search the US government’s visa website for the latest visa information.

Health and Safety

All visitors to Tennessee and the United States are advised to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B. This is the most common contagious disease in America and can occur in any restaurant that has staff with less than perfect hygiene. There are no other major health concerns in the state, except for minor annoyances like itchy poison ivy and poison oak plants in the forests.

For the most part, Tennessee is a very safe place to travel. Visitors should be a little careful late at night in Memphis and Nashville when leaving the bars. Areas like Beale Street and Broadway can get very rowdy at times, encouraging things like fights. Theft is also a concern at the big tourist attractions, so don’t leave anything of value in your rental car. Violent crimes and muggings, however, are very rare in Tennessee, so just use your common sense.

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