Photo Credit: Brent Moore

Tennessee Taxis and Car Rental

While there are very good air connections in all of Tennessee’s major cities, moving around the state is limited to Greyhound buses and private vehicles. Most visitors who plan to do any kind of sightseeing here rent a car during their stay. Interstate 40 runs straight across Tennessee from east to west, providing fast and easy access to all the main destinations. Rental car agencies have offices in all of the airports as well as the downtown areas of most towns of note. As a bonus, the driving here is incredibly scenic, even along Interstate 40 as it cuts through the lush Tennessee River Valley.

Taxis are readily available in all of the state’s larger towns. Cabs won’t be easily flagged down along the street, so you need to keep a couple of phone numbers handy and call in for a pick up. In Memphis, Metro Cab (+1-901-322-2222) is a popular company, while Nashville has Checker Cab (+1-615-256-7000). Taxis in Tennessee use meters to determine the fares, which are typically quite cheap for short jaunts around the city.

Tennessee Trains and Buses

The only Tennessee city serviced by Amtrak trains is Memphis. It lies along the popular City of New Orleans line that runs between Chicago and New Orleans. The train is a fantastic way to get to Memphis from either direction, as the seats are comfortable and the scenery enchanting. Fares are little cheaper than a quick regional flight, however, so the train is only recommended for travelers with plenty of time to spare.

The cheapest and easiest way to move between towns in Tennessee is by Greyhound bus or MegaBus. Greyhound is the best choice for reaching the state from far away, while MegaBus offers only a regional service. Both are cheap and reasonably comfortable.

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