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Azerbaijan Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are a convenient way to get around in Azerbaijan, but not always the cheapest. Be sure to negotiate the fare before departing because initial rates tend to be very high. It helps to know some basic Turkish, Russian or Azeri words so you can barter more effectively.

A typical trip within central Baku would cost approximately 4 AZN to 10 AZN. If you are coming from Heydar Aliyev International Airport, you can arrange taxi services with reputable companies like Royal Taxi (+994-051-880-2009) and Baku Airport Transfer (+994-55 731-5637). Baku Airport Transfer has English-speaking drivers can provide an invoice or receipt. Bookings can be made online.

Renting a car makes sense if you want to take your family on daytrips more off the beaten path. Avis (+994-50-223-02-48) is one of the well-known international car rental companies in Azerbaijan. They have a fleet of SUVs, 4WDs and standard cars. Pick-up or delivery can be arranged.

Azerbaijan Water Taxis

There are boat services linking the city of Baku to Lenkeran in the south. If the bus isn’t an option, a boat may be a great alternative.

Azerbaijan Trains and Buses

Baku is served by an electric train that runs through the entire city, Sumqait, and the surrounding area. The capital also has a metro, which is an easy way to explore Baku at a very low cost. Buy the Baki Metropolitan Kart, which is the city’s metro pass. You can also use the Azerbayacan Sosial Kart, which is similar to the Azerbaijani ATM card. Be sure to have a subway map because signposts are not easy to spot. Taking pictures should also be avoided while inside the stations.

Buses and marshrutka (minibuses) offer another affordable and versatile way to explore Azerbaijan, and there are regular connections between cities. Stations are often near the bazaars and fares are clearly posted.

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