Tibet-5483 - Potala Palace Photo by Dennis Jarvis via Flickr Creative Commons

China has a treasure chest full of surprising things to do. Tourists have a splendid array of choices, including gambling, nature hiking, rock climbing, boating, cultural activities and more. There are dozens of world-renowned sites that make hiking a popular activity among international travelers. Head to the foothills of Everest, or spend several days trekking through Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Hiking can be a very strenuous activity. However, fortunately for visitors, massage parlors are ubiquitous across Chinese cities. If a massage simply won’t do, then perhaps an hour of tai chi will help lift those aches and pains. The only sad part about a visit is you’ll never have time to do it all.

Don’t forget a camera at the stunning landscape along the Li River. The refreshingly serene environment is best seen by Li River boat cruises, which travel up and down the meandering waterway, offering spectacular views of the limestone karsts. China Odyssey Tours can help arrange cruises down the Li.

Rock climbing in the southern provinces of China is another fabulous activity, and a great way to get up close and personal with the limestone pinnacles that dot the region. Yangshuo is one of the best cities to use as a base for rock climbing the monoliths. There are plenty of equipment shops around the city and tours be arranged by Karst Climber, which is also based in the area.

Gambling in Macau is the island’s premier money maker for its thriving economy. A hugely popular pastime in China, there are 33 casinos on the tiny landmass and last year, they pulled in more revenue than Las Vegas. Travelguru is an online company offering excellent package deals to Macau, including visits to the gaming sites.

China is a great destination for massage therapy. There are literally thousands of massage parlors found in the urban areas of the country, so tourists will have no trouble finding one on virtually every corner. If you don’t want the hassle of having to search out a place out for yourself, Times China Tours is a web company providing detoxification and relaxation packages.

Martial arts is a popular part of Chinese culture, and one of the most ancient aspects of local culture that still prevails today. Many schools in places like Beijing or Shanghai offer instruction in kung fu, wushu, qipong, tai chi and many other forms of martial arts. China Professional Tours is perfect for visitors wanting to try their hand at the arts, no matter your level.

Thrill seekers are now accommodated in China, especially with Bungee jumping in Macau. The jump is made from the top of Macau Tower, which stands more than 300 meters high. It is one of the tallest, free-standing landmarks on the planet, and gives amazing views of the entire region. If you’d rather see the skyline from the ground, there are also observation decks at the top. Viator can assist potential jumpers with tour packages to Macau.

The landscape across China is simply dazzling, and one of the best ways to see it is by hiking. Destinations like Motuo, Mt Everest, Daocheng and Tiger Leaping Gorge have breathtaking landscapes that will challenge hikers yet take their breath away at the same time. China Hiking Adventures is among the top tour operators for treks in China.

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