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Alderney Taxis and Car Rental

Although there is no need for them, a few taxi companies do operate on Alderney. ABC Taxis (+44-1481-823-760) and Island Taxis (+44-1481-823-823) can get you around the island and from the airport to St Anne. Rates are set and may seem expensive for the short distances. Alternatively, consider horse and carriage ride from town with Alderney Black Pearl (+44-1481-823-532). Europcar and Braye Hire Cars are available if you’d like to rent a vehicle, although this is not very practical due to the island’s tiny size. Roads go all over and it may be worthwhile during the chillier winter months.

Alderney Water Taxis

You can’t get to Alderney direct by ferry from the UK, but there are regular HD Ferries sailings from Guernsey (one hour away), which receive passengers from Portsmouth, Poole, and Weymouth on the south coast of England. There is also a regular Manche Iles Express ferry from Port Dielette, Normandy (a 45 minute journey). Charters and boat tours, like Voyager (+44-1481-823-666) also run island-wide sightseeing trips.

Alderney Trains and Buses

There is rail service between Braye and the northeast, although it is primarily for tourists and runs on summer weekends only. Buses also run during the warmer months or you can take a private minibus tour on Alderney Minibus from Victoria Street. Note: travelers hardly ever need to use public transportation as they can easily walk or cycle the entire length of the Island.

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