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Alderney hosts a surprising number of festivals, most of which take place in May. The top event is Alderney Week, which welcomes in the summer months. Sailing regattas, fishing events and wildlife walks are also a vital part of Alderney holidays and culture.

New Year’s Day

The chilling New Year’s Day swim on Braye Beach is a popular annual event on January 1, perfect to cure your hangover and meet the locals.

Milk-o-Punch Day

A fun, traditional event on the first Sunday of May celebrates Alderney’s treasured cows seeing pubs serving the tasty local punch mix for free. The drink concoction consists of milk, eggs, rum, and nutmeg, although the actual recipe is a guarded island secret.

Seafood Festival

Alderney chefs churn out fabulous dishes of lobster, crab, and fish at this epicurious May event. Most local restaurants participate in the 10-day event with special offers and dishes.

Alderney Wildlife Week

The best event of the year for outdoor lovers features guided walks around Alderney’s rich animal spotting areas with talks about nature. Wildlife week takes place in May and maps are available for free from St Anne’s visitor center.

Alderney Regatta

The Alderney International Sailing Regatta takes place in July at the Alderney Sailing Club on Braye Harbor. There are several annual races for different classes, along with boat tours and beach parties.

Alderney Week

The top event of the year features an island-wide carnival atmosphere. It takes place in early August for a week and sees well over 100 events covering everything from sports to food and culture.

Angling Festival

The week-long Angling Festival in mid-October brings big names from the fishing world to Alderney. Dozens of hopefuls come in from around the Channel Islands and the British mainland in hopes of setting records and winning prizes.

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