Tenerife - La Caleta to Las Americas-12 Photo by John Cook via Flickr Creative Commons

There is little variation in the Canary Islands’ weather conditions throughout the year, with the mean temperatures around a perfect 70°F, putting the islands in a permanent state of spring. During summer, the mercury reading can reach around 86°F, yet this tends to be pleasantly offset by cooling winds. From time to time, tropical rains fall on Tenerife, La Palma, and Gran Canaria; however, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura remain arid throughout the year.

Best Time to Go to the Canary Islands

Due to the constant good weather, the Canary Islands are a 365-day-a-year tourist destination, and while the months between December and March are slightly cooler, few other countries in North America and Europe can match its fantastic winter climate, making the winter season the busiest time of year for foreign tourists. Local tourists, however, tend to visit the islands during the summer months, while Carnaval season, around January and February, is a great time to soak up the party atmosphere. For the best deals on accommodation and airfares, head to the Canary Islands during the winter months, or just before the summer high season.

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