"Sarajevo Taxi 180" by Oliver Wagemann via Flickr Creative Commons

Bosnia and Herzegovina Taxis and Car Rental

Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are well served by taxis, but be careful not to fall victim to scams, especially when picking one up from the airport or major train or bus depot. It is best to have a map handy so you can ascertain you are being taken to the right place instead of a more expensive trip out of the way. Several taxi companies operate within the cities and Sarajevo Taxi (1515) and SaraevoTaxiService (+387-77-731-333) are reliable. Those traveling around Mostar have fewer choices, but Mostar Taxi Adis (+387-61-652-149) is dependable.

Renting a car is possible, but don’t expect smooth traffic and pleasant driving, especially within the cities. Major car rental companies like Europcar (+387-33-760-360) and Budget (+387-33-766-670) have a presence in the Bosnia. There are also local providers in Mostar, Banja Luka, and Sarajevo, including CITO Car Rental (+387-33-769-890) and Adriatic rent-a-car (+387-36-580-021). Driving yourself is a good way to explore the country, especially the more remote destinations. However, mountainous terrains can be tricky to navigate, and gas stations are hard to come by. There is a constant landmine threat, especially in the countryside, so it is best not to wander away from paved roads.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Water Taxis

There are ferries between Neum and neighboring cities on the Adriatic. Inland lakes and rivers provide possibilities for boat travel between cities though many services are privately run. Alternatively, you can hitchhike your way round the country. Friendly locals will be more than happy to help you, although public transportation is still your safest bet.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Trains and Buses

A reliable tram network serves the city center of Sarajevo, making it easy to get around. Bus lines run by small private companies travel to nearby towns and cities. Take note that if you purchase a return ticket for a line that is served by two or more companies, your ticket will only be honored by the company it was bought from.

Train services are beginning to catch on with the growing demand for rail networks though many lines are still in the process of rebuilding from damages caused by the war. Services can be infrequent and the ride slow. However, train travel is rewarding, thanks to the scenic mountains, especially between Mostar and Sarajevo. Regular trips are also available from Sarajevo to Banja Luka and from Tuzla to Banja Luka.

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