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It’s hard to sum up the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina on a straight list of attractions. In Sarajevo alone, you’ll find countless historic buildings, all perfectly blending with the cosmopolitan and commercial vibe of the new city. Bordered by Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Dalmatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina also dips a toe in the Adriatic, giving way to the only beach in the country. If there’s one thing that keeps visitors hooked, it’s the gorgeous mountain ranges, providing all kinds of adventures and nature trips with breathtaking cliffs, trails, rivers, and challenging slopes. Best of all, the mountain towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina are relatively close to the cosmopolitan center so you won’t be wasting valuable time traveling.

Bascarsija, Sarajevo

The Bascarsija district in Sarajevo is more than just a centuries-old market. This old part of the town dates back to the 15th century and highlights cultural diversity. A physical display of the struggle to absorb strong religious influences into an already diverse territory, very few places in the world are like Sarajevo where mosques, Catholic and Orthodox churches, synagogues, and temples all stand harmoniously within walking distance of each other. Address: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone: N/A Website: N/A

Stari Most

Mostar’s old bridge is one of the finest examples of Ottoman architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also one of the most photographed sites, especially with its stunning river, mountain, and city backdrop. This iconic symbol represents a meeting point between eastern and western civilizations. The precious stone structure has been rebuilt and restored to its former glory after a heartbreaking collapse due to tank shelling in the early 1990’s. Address: Neretva River, Mostar Phone: N/A Website: N/A

Sutjeska National Park

Historically a WWII battlefield as evidenced by imposing stone monuments that commemorate Partisan victory over German armies, Sutjeska National Park is also home to one of the last two remaining primeval forests in Europe, known as the Perucica Forest. Its 17,500 hectares of wilderness are home to all kinds of natural wonders, including the country’s highest peak, Maglic Mountain, along with the picture-perfect Skakavac Waterfall. The ancient forest, riverside, and mountains all provide great hiking trails, some more challenging than others. Address: Sarajevo Region, Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone: N/A Website: N/A

Jahorina Mountain

Since the 1984 Bosnian Olympics, the slopes of Jahorina have become the go-to place for winter sports. The mountain range is just a few miles southeast of the capital, with its highest peak at 6,266 feet. Ski lifts guarantee fabulous views of the city below and the downhill descent will give you a quick rush of adrenaline. Address: Jahorina Mountain, Sarajevo Region Phone: +387-65-414-413 (Winter Center Jahorina) Website: (Winter Center Jahorina)


Nestled in the Lasva River valley, Travnik is one of the most attractive historic towns in the country. Its ancient mosque and old fortress dominate the skyline and it is a popular starting point for visits to the nearby mountain resort of Vlasic. The town is home to centuries-old mansions and castles, all well preserved since Roman times and the Ottoman empire. Address: Central Bosnia Phone: N/A Website: N/A

Kraljeva Sutjeska

Known as one of the last seats of the medieval Bosnian Kingdom, this ancient museum will take you on an instant time warp, with its white stone houses, monastery and oversized Franciscan church. The Dusper House is especially striking despite its dilapidated state, while the old mosque greets visitors right at the entrance to the village. Address: Sarajevo Region, Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone: N/A Website: N/A

Bosnian Kingdom Trail

The Bosnian Kingdom Trail consists of several ancient towns. The Visoko Valley, for example, once served as an important cultural, trade, and educational center, while the towns of Vranduk in Zenica, Bobovac, Kraljeva Sutjeska, Maglaj, Tesnaj, Fojnica, Travnik, Prusac, and Jajce are all home to a wide range of interesting remnants of the Bosnian Kingdom. Address: Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone: +387-32-733-186 (Tourist Information Centre, Visoko) Website: N/A


Medjugorje is the site of the apparition Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. It sits on a barren hillside between Bijakovici and Medugorje villages, and is the place of one of the world’s largest Catholic pilgrimages. The story of the six teenagers who witnessed the ghost while playing on the hills is widely known to Catholics and millions of faithful patrons visit the sacred spot every year. Address: Herzegovina Region Phone: N/A Website: N/A


On the Adriatic Sea, Neum is Bosnia’s only beach. It attracts thousands of visitors every year who long for sun and sea. The coast is a great starting-off point for all kinds of aquatic pursuits, from scuba diving to parasailing, jet-skiing, and even boat tours. The small strip is lined by hundreds of hotels, guesthouses and many other types of private accommodation. Address: Herzegovina Region Phone: N/A Website: N/A

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