"Bosnian Coffee" by Michal Huniewicz via Flickr Creative Commons

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not big on shopping though there are some interesting places to get traditional items like handmade carpets, woodcarvings, ceramics, brass coffee pots, embroidery, tapestries, wool, wines, and leather. Markets and fairs are common in towns and cities where all kinds of artisans sell their handiwork. Fresh and cooked food is everywhere, along with jewelry, clothing and souvenirs. The central Bosnia region and the town of Visoko are popular for quality leatherwork.

There are large shopping centers and malls in the cities, but it is more fun to visit bazaars and boutique shops. The souk area in Sarajevo is a good place to shop for souvenirs and local goods. A popular shoemaker known as Andar can be found near the Emperor’s mosque in the capital who sells handmade shoes and sandals. Next to Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque is a fair trade store known as BHcrafts which has handmade products from accessories to clothing and home decor.

Haggling is acceptable in most markets and expect inflated prices if you are a foreigner. Bringing a local Bosnian with you to help get a better deal.

Spas in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is gifted with beautiful mountain rivers and thermal springs. Many of these are in the process of modernization, but you can still find natural spas throughout the country. Spa tourism is a big part of Sarajevo, the ski center of Bjelasnica/Igman and areas like Fojnica, Banja Luka, and Teslic. Treatments are more reasonably priced than other European cities.

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