Photo Credit: Koen Roevens

Andorra’s climate is acutely related to altitude and can vary enormously as a result. Generally a high mountain climate influenced by the weather patterns of the Mediterranean, heavy snow and freezing temperatures in winter together with mild summers are the common elements. Spring and autumn see the most rain, and the state averages 300 days of sunshine a year. Average winter temperatures hover around 28°F (-2°C), with summer averages around 75°F (24°C). Humidity is low and the sheltered valleys can become cool at night during the summer. A warm sweater or light coat may be worthwhile to bring.

Best Time to Visit Andorra

For outdoor activities and nightlife, Andorra is a year-round destination and gets very crowded during the peak ski season and in summer. Autumn is the least attractive season for a visit, as there’s more chance of grey skies and intermittent rain than in spring or summer. Heavy snowfalls are common throughout the ski season from December to April, and rekking weather runs from May through September.

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