"Fualifeke Snorkeling Safari Video" by Nick Hobgood via Flickr Creative Commons

Tuvalu is the fourth-smallest country in the world by land area, comprising of nine islands, three of which are reef islands; the remaining six are atolls. To make the most of the country, it is best to experience the wonderful waters of the Pacific Ocean through aquatic activities such as diving or snorkeling, only coming ashore to rest and relax at the end of the day. Many visitors also enjoy the pursuit of island hopping, with chartering a yacht possible.

Tuvalu is a simply amazing place to go scuba diving. Three of the islands are made from coral, making them inspiring dive locations, while the Funafuti Lagoon comprises reef, lagoon, and oceanic habitats. There are no specific dive shops or operators in Tuvalu, but many of the hotels rent equipment and provide information on the best places to go. The largest hotel in Tuvalu, Vaiku Lagi, in Funafuti, is a great place to start planning a dive trip.

While in Tuvalu, you can experience a traditional dance by heading to the nearest Maneapa (town hall). Ceremonies are performed at various times of the year to celebrate a range of traditions and local culture.

To get a good overview of the nine islands of Tuvalu and experience everything in between, you can charter a yacht and go island hopping. Yacht and catamaran rental is available from Neverland, which also organizes excursions around the islands.

You can also combine a boating excursion with sports fishing, considering the abundance of game fish the bountiful Pacific Ocean around Tuvalu has to offer. Contact Neverland to enquire about its excursions.

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