Palau is located to the north of the equator, in the tropical region of the North Pacific Ocean. Therefore it experiences a hot and humid climate year round. The islands are characterized by tropical weather and heavy rainfall, but still experience plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

Palau experiences an average temperature of about 82°F, although maximums have been known to reach above 90°F on occasions. Temperatures rarely drop below 24°F regardless of the time of year. There are no real seasons as found in more northern and southern countries. However, the rainy season tends to occur between the months of May and October. Yet all months of the year experience heavy rainfall, with an average of 150 inches recorded annually.

Even though Palau is located in the tropical region of the globe, it is rare for this archipelago nation to be hit by typhoons. The islands of Palau are found outside the main area that experiences typhoons.

Best Time to Visit Palau

The best time of the year to visit Palau is during the months of March and April. These months rest within the drier period of the year, although tourists will need to bring an umbrella for the irregular storms that tend to hit the islands. However, these two months boast the most sunshine hours. Resort and hotel accommodation is usually more expensive during this high season.

Fortunately, Palau’s low season (which occurs between June and September) is just as beautiful is the peak period. Plus, accommodation tends to drop in price. Rainfall is slightly higher during these months, yet tourism continues to blossom. This is largely because sunshine usually blankets the landscape when the rain stops.