Palau Taxis and Car Rental

Catching a taxi in Palau is relatively easy, especially in the city of Koror. From resorts and hotels, tourists can ask the concierge to find them a taxi or conveniently hail one from the curb-side. Instead of using meters, most taxis in the capital provide a fixed rate sheet that informs passengers of how much each journey will cost. It is possible to rent a taxi for the entire duration of a holiday. However, arrangements can only be made between the tourist and driver. The two largest taxi companies operating in Koror are City Cab (+680-488-1519) and KOROR Taxi 101 (+680-488-1394).

Car rental is mostly located in the city of Koror. There are some offices operating in the Arrivals hall of Palau International Airport, too. A range of models, sizes, and prices can be found. Companies like Toyota Car Rental, Palau Automotive, and Budget Car Rental have been operating for some time in Palau and are therefore reliable and convenient. Most cars are standard Japanese models with left-hand driving features, but American models are also available on request.

Palau Water Taxis

Several states in Palau offer water ferry services to the city of Koror. Traveling by boat in Palau is relatively inexpensive and provides spectacular views of the surrounding maritime region. However, there are times when the seas can get rough. Travelers who are worried should ask a local guide about sea conditions before departing.

Palau Trains and Buses

There are no train services in Palau, and only Koror has a limited bus service that runs the streets of the largest city. If tourists want to get around without the use of car rental or taxis, they will need to use vans and tour buses, which are readily available through tour operators around the archipelago.