Due to the heavy influence from the US, Palau’s main language is English, although the traditional native tongue, Palauan, is widely used for communication. However, there are several regional languages which are recognized here, including Japanese in Angaur, Tobian in Hatohobei, and Sonsorolese in Sonsoral.


The US dollar (USD, US$) is the only currency used in Palau. Prices are comparatively high, as the nation relies heavily on the tourism industry for economic stability. Credit cards can be used in resorts and hotels around the country. However, tourists should bring cash when shopping and dining in local areas. Tourists need to remember that a departure tax of around US$35 must be paid before leaving the country.


Palau is nine hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC +9).


The electrical sockets and electricity usage in Palau are similar to that of the US. The archipelago uses electricity at 110-120 Volts/50 Hertz, so tourists from the US do not usually need an adapter or converter to use their electrical appliances from home here.


The international telephone code for Palau is +680. Land-based telephone lines are popular, with more than 6,600 phone lines operating in the country. The country is without a television station, but many places, including hotels and resorts, pick up cable TV from the US. The national post office is found on the island of Koror and is open between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, and from 9:00 a.m. for one hour on Saturday mornings. Internet is becoming more available, but is limited outside the commercial center.


Travelers are permitted to bring in duty-free items, granted the amounted falls below the authorized restrictions. Tobacco products cannot exceed 200 cigarettes or 454 grams of tobacco products like cigars. In addition, tourists are unable to bring in more than one bottle of alcohol. When leaving Palau, travelers are not permitted to take seashells or any other natural artifacts outside the borders of the country.

Tourist Office

Palau Visitors Authority, Koror: or +680-488-2793

Embassies in Palau

Japanese Embassy, Koror: +680-488-6455 Philippine Embassy, Koror: +680-488-5077 Taiwanese Embassy, Koror: +680-488-8150 United States Embassy, Koror: +680-488-2136


Emergency services: 911