US travelers can enter Palau without obtaining a visa. However, such visitors need to hold a valid passport and be able to show a return ticket before entrance to the country is granted by customs. Check out for more in-depth visa information.

Health and Safety

It is highly unlikely that travelers exploring the sights of Palau will become victims of crime. However, like any country around the world, Palau experiences minor crimes in its busy towns. Tourists should exercise common sense when visiting the country. Sidewalks are sometimes non-existent in the major city of Koror, so tourists need to take extra care with regards to traffic when walking.

When visiting the reefs and swimming spots around the islands, tourists need to be wary of saltwater crocodiles and bull sharks. Even though the chance of being attacked by one of these creatures is extraordinarily unlikely, crocodiles and sharks make their territories around Palau.

When it comes to the sun, tourists should always take precautions. Wear sunscreen at the beginning of the day when sightseeing and don’t forget to continuously reapply. Of course, the humid environment is another important factor in the health of tourists. Protect oneself from the harmful sun’s rays by wearing hats, long-sleeve shirts, comfortable clothing, and sunglasses. Drinking water on a regular basis is recommended.