Palau is an underestimated destination. Due to its relative isolation, the global population rarely hears much about it. However, for those that do get to experience Palau, it is certainly a holiday to remember. The reefs, cays, sunshine, and crystal clear waters make this archipelago a spectacular spot for holidaying. Scuba diving is the heart and soul of Palau’s tourism industry. Thousands of avid divers flock to the islands year after year, whether they are beginners or advanced divers. Much wonder awaits divers under the surface of the seas around Palau.

Staying dry and having a good time is also possible via the WWII tours that take place on Babeldaon Island. An exhaustive list of Japanese military relics can be found in many different spots around the island. Tourists will certainly enjoy the uniqueness of these tours.

Scuba diving is the main reason why Palau’s tourism industry is doing so well. Some of the world’s most precious dive sites are situated off the islands of Palau. The most popular spots to explore the world underwater include the shark-infested Blue Corner, Blue Holes, and Ulong Channel. Palau Dive and NECO Marine can arrange half-day, full-day, or several-day scuba diving travels.

The lakes around Palau are among the Pacific Ocean’s most tranquil. However, snorkeling these landmarks are popular as they are clear and clean, offering stunning backdrops and a memorable experience. Of course, snorkeling the famous Jellyfish Lakes is recommended, as where else can one swim with thousands of jellyfish and not get stung? IMPAC Tours offer tours to Jellyfish Lake and other snorkeling spots around the archipelago.

Full-day WWII tours are recommended for any traveler venturing to Palau. The best place to visit for WWII relics is Babeldaob Island, which is the largest island in the archipelago. Four-wheel drive vehicles take tourists to the many ‘secret’ sites around the island, where old tanks, weapons, guns, hideouts, and other left-over Japanese military artifacts can be spotted. Palau Tours can arrange day-long adventures on Babeldaob Island.

Those tourists who love fishing will be able to find plenty of charter boats for island and deep-sea fishing trips. Head to the marina near Koror to explore fishing boat options. Of course, it is much easier to pre-book a fishing tour. Fishing enthusiasts should check out Palau Tours to find out more.

Sea kayaking is one of the best ways to get around the many calm sea passages throughout Palau. However, tourists should try kayaking from limestone island to limestone island in the Rock Islands region of the country. It is best to organize a kayaking tour before reaching Palau. Sam’s Tours provides a reliable service for tourists wanting to kayak the beautiful blue seas around Palau.