For a small country, Palau provides tourists with a limited but impressive shopping culture. However, there is enough to keep shopaholics entertained for several hours. The busiest city on the archipelago, Koror, is where tourists are likely to find the best products and the most extensive shopping facilities. The main currency in Palau is the American dollar, and several ATMs allow daily withdrawals of up to US$200. It is also possible to use credit cards for purchases in the large shopping malls. Most shops around Palau open for business at 8:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday.


These are the main items to be found in Palau. This traditional art form has become one of the most appealing cultural exports of the islands. They are long, wooden carvings that depict an ancient Palauan folktale or legend. Usually they are shaped into a crocodile, fish, or some other local animal. There are numerous destinations around the country that provide beautiful storyboards for customers. However, the most famous is the Palau Jail Gift Shop. Believe it or not, this shop contains the largest selection of storyboards in the country. The storyboards here are expensive compared to those found in local restaurants and cafés, as they are carved by prisoners, with the proceeds sent to their families. It is not uncommon to see storyboards which cost several thousand dollars.

Shopping Centers

On the main street in Koror, Palau’s two main shopping centers operate across from one another. WCTC Shopping Center is the largest mall in the country. It boasts the largest department store in Palau as well as a grocery complex and independent shops selling clothing, accessories, and jewelry, among other items. The other center, located across the main street from WCTC, is Surangel’s Supercenter. It is also home to a department store, not to mention numerous independent clothing stores.