Traditional cuisine in Palau is based upon root vegetables, pork, chicken, and seafood. However, traditional fare is not usually found in local restaurants. Palau has been strongly influenced by American, Japanese, and Taiwanese cultures in the past, so it is only natural that the restaurant scene found across the islands caters to these tastes. There is plenty of American food available in towns like Koror. However, visitors feeling hungry will also find great Korean, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants. The convenient bento box, which is a Japanese-style lunch box, is a popular item in restaurants and convenience stores in Palau. Seafood is widely available and extremely fresh.

Diners don’t have to tip, but it is becoming a common trend, especially in the restaurants of Koror and other popular tourist spots. Prices in the trendier resorts are more expensive than those of local restaurants. When it comes to nightlife in Palau, visitors will be amazed at the local watering holes. Dance clubs are not as popular as relaxing pubs and lounges. However, Japanese karaoke is growing in stature.

Bars and Pubbing in Palau

Koror is the commercial center of Palau and therefore boasts some of the more popular nightlife venues. SLC (Main Street, Koror Island) is a warm and sociable club that is perfect for a quiet drink or two. It offers great views, too. Another spot close to SLC is the Peleliu Club (off Main Street, Koror Island). It is a livelier venue than most such venues on the island of Koror. The Q-Ball Club (Koror Island) is the ideal place to rejuvenate and chill out after a long day of activities.

On the island of Malakal, there are several options for a night out. However, most places here are more laid-back than their Koror cousins. Kramer’s Café (Pirate’s Cove, Malakal Island, Koror) turns into a nice place at night, with a social atmosphere. The Palm Bay Bistro (Malakal Island, Koror) is found inside the West Plaza Hotel Malakal and boasts the most famous microbrewery in Palau, Red Rooster Draft. Rip Tide Bar and Grill (Malakal Island, Koror) is not only great for dining, but for sipping back a few brews while looking out over the water.

Arakabesang Island is home to several resorts that offer great restaurant dining experiences. Fisherman’s Bar (Cliffside Hotel, Meyungs, Koror) is found inside the Cliffside Hotel. It gets busy during the peak tourism seasons. Akoi-Koi Bar (Palau Pacific Resort, Meyungs, Koror) is part of Palau’s most illustrious hotel, Palau Pacific Resort. This small bar in the hotel lobby gets lively on weekends. Mesekiu Waterhole (Palau Pacific Resort, Meyungs, Koror) is only open until 11:00 p.m. but is nevertheless a great place to unwind at sunset or in the early evening.

Dining and Cuisine in Palau

Koror is home to the most restaurants in Palau. The Rock Island Café (Main Street, Koror Island) is a fabulous American-style restaurant with great food. For the best Indian fare on Koror, try Taj (Main Street, Koror Island) in the center of the island. The menu at Red Rooster Café (Main Street, Koror Island) is definitely worth sampling, too. The restaurant is found within the West Plaza on the Sea Hotel, so great views while one eats will be experienced.

The island of Malakal, located next to Koror, contains some interesting dining options. The Drop Off Bar and Grill (Main Street, Malakal Island) is believed to be the best seafood restaurant in the country. Another popular seafood spot in Malakal is Carp Sea Food (Malakal Island), which is situated right on the waterfront. The dishes at Kramer’s Café (Pirate’s Cove, Malakal Island, Koror) should be sampled by visitors, too. This difficult-to-find eatery makes for an interesting place to dine.

The Meduu Ribtail Restaurant (Palau Pacific Resort, Meyungs, Koror) is regarded as the best place to dine on Arakabesang Island. It offers seafood and steak dinners that are simply amazing. Great buffets and a la carte dishes can be found at Coconut Terrace (Palau Pacific Resort, Meyungs, Koror), which is also inside the Palau Pacific Resort. At the Cliffside Hotel, Turtle Cove (Cliffside Hotel, Meyung) offers Italian, traditional seafood, and Western cuisine.