Photo Credit: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble

South Australia relies upon a diverse natural landscape for its tourism industry. From the fascinating shoreline of Kangaroo Island, to the remote opal capital of the world, South Australia has a remarkable array of natural goodies to entice visitors back over and over again. Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is only a small feature of the state’s tourism industry. Tourists are advised to get out of the cities and explore the wondrous landscape.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a large protected island off the southern coastline of South Australia. It can be reached by ferry in less than 45 minutes, so tourism has been a major influence on the island’s developing economy. There are more than just kangaroos, koalas, and unspoiled natural landscapes upon Kangaroo Island too. The destination is steeped in indigenous and colonial history. It is the site of the first colony of South Australia in the 1800s. At Penneshaw, there is a Gateway Visitor Information Centre for tourists to book tours, find times, plan itineraries and more. Address: Kangaroo Island, South Australia Phone: +61-8-8553-1185 Website:

Troubridge Island Lighthouse and Conservation Park

Located on the Yorke Peninsula, the Troubridge Island Lighthouse and Conservation Park is home to the first-ever cast iron lighthouse in Australia. It was first built in 1855, after the Marion wrecked upon the island. Naturally, the outlying reef was named Marion Reef, and the lighthouse was erected. Permits are needed to access the park, and can be found from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Address: Troubridge Island, South Australia Phone: n/a Website:

Moonta Mines State Heritage Park

Located upon the thriving Yorke Peninsula, Moonta is a small mining town that is home to the Moonta Mines State Heritage Park. It is where the old Moonta Mines were established decades ago, but is now controlled by the National Trust as a heritage park. There is a fascinating museum located in the area, and tourists can see the park’s sites by a railway. Children will adore the sweet shop found in State Heritage Park too. At this stage the park is not a World Heritage listed site, but the application is underway. Address: Moonta Tourist Office, Blanche Terrace, Moonta South Australia Phone: +61-8-8825-1891 Website:

Innes National Park

Bird watching is the name of the game at Innes National Park. This Yorke Peninsula site is one of many attractions in the area, but it still manages to attract thousands of wildlife-loving tourists each year. The park was opened in 1970 due to the sighting of western whipbirds in the area some eight years earlier. Altogether, there are more than 140 species of birds that call this park home, including some very interesting species like mallee fowl and ospreys. Address: Marion Bay Road, Inneston, South Australia Phone: +61-8-8854-3200 Website:

Flinders Ranges National Park – Wilpena Pound

Just over 250 miles from the heart of Adelaide is Flinders Ranges National Park. Inside this upland region of South Australia is one of the state’s most picturesque natural attractions – Wilpena Pound. This natural amphitheater is one of the most stunning attractions in the state. Bushwalking is a popular activity here, with hours and hours’ worth of walking tracks to explore. Visitors can also take in a scenic flight over the semi-arid region to embrace its spectacular landscape. Address: Flinders Ranges National Park, PMB22, Hawker, South Australia Phone: +61-8-8648-0048 Website:

Coober Pedy

Pronounced Coober Peedy, this small town in the middle of South Australia’s outback is a must visit destination. It is renowned as the ‘opal capital of the world’, boasting the largest opal mining industry on the planet. In addition to the plethora of opal shops and opal items scattered around town, Coober Pedy is also an interesting spot for its underground community. Many houses are built into the earth, under the ground. Therefore, the intense heat is less of a problem. Reaching Coober Pedy is possible via Regional Express. Address: Coober Pedy, Outback South Australia Phone: +61-8-8672-5298 Website:


Oodnadatta is a remote township in the rural region of South Australia. It is only a small settlement, but it still an interesting place to explore. It sits on the Oodnadatta Track, which is a 550-mile road leading off from the Stuart Highway. The Ghan railway used to stop at Oodnadatta before heading into the Northern Territory, but nowadays the new line is miles away. Nevertheless, a small museum about the town and the railway line is of particular interest. The Witjira National Park is a few hours’ drive north of town. Address: Oodnadatta, Outback South Australia, 5734 Phone: n/a Website: n/a

Arid Lands Botanical Gardens

Located in Port Augusta, South Australia, this phenomenal botanical gardens is a popular place for travelers. Built in the 1980s, the garden didn’t open to the public until 1996. A thriving ecosystem of arid-zone floral species is found throughout the park. In addition, there is a café, souvenir and gift shop, fantastic walking tracks, and an education center for the convenience and entertainment of visitors. Apart from Christmas Day, this park is open every day, from 7:30 a.m. until the sun goes down. Both Australian and international species are exhibited within the park. Address: Stuart Highway, Port Augusta, South Australia Phone: +61-8-8641-1049 Website:

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