Photo Credit: Defence Images

Antarctica Flights

With 28 landing strips and helipads at 37 research stations, Antarctica’s inhabited areas can be accessed by air from October to March. Commercial flights land at Union Glacier Blue-Ice Runway or King George Island’s Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Aerodrome. Other major landing strips include: Williams Field, Pegasus Blue-Ice Runway and Annual Sea-Ice Runway.

Antarctica Cruises

By far the most popular way to get around Antarctica is by cruise ship with day excursions factored into the itinerary. Sailboats offer a more intimate travel agenda and more time on land than large vessels, but can be less comfortable and may require passengers to be hands-on with steering.

Other Forms of Transportation in Antarctica

For on land expeditions, cruise ship passengers usually disembark via zodiac boats which take small groups on shore. From there, visitors can explore on foot or via pony, dog-sled, snow cat, skis, or tractor. The price for transportation is usually included in the cruise cost and strict safety regulations are met by all operators.

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