Photo Credit: Tak

Most visitors arrive by cruise ship and sleep onboard for the duration of their Antarctica exploration, only venturing off for day trips on land. The quality of the catering onboard varies by operator, with ships carrying all the supplies needed to feed their passengers. There are no physical restaurants or bars on Antarctica proper as all research station residents are supplied by the government.

Bars and Pubbing in Antarctica

Evening entertainment isn’t a focus of Antarctic expeditions, with nature and landscapes the main attractions. However, most cruise operators serve alcohol onboard in their restaurants, bars, and lounges, and passengers can socialize with their fellow shipmates or even enjoy music in the evening.

Dining and Cuisine in Antarctica

In general, the smaller the boat, the more limited the menu. Dining options are usually influenced by the nationalities onboard and thankfully don’t include traditional expedition staples such as seal and whale. Buffet breakfasts and lunches are common, along with a formal sit-down evening meal with at least two international options. Those staying at research stations or camping on land will need to bring their own provisions or check in advance that catering will be provided.

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