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French and Arabic are Tunisia’s two official languages, but English has also become widely used in official government documents. Tunisian children now learn all three languages in school, and some tourism workers can also speak German and Italian.


The Tunisian Dinar (TND), the country’s official currency, is divided into 1,000 millimes. Nearly all Tunisian ATMs accept Visa and Maestro (Switch) cards. Travelers’ checks are also commonly accepted and cashed in banks, but some require receipts and ask to see passports. Visa and MasterCard are more often accepted in Tunisian cities and resorts than American Express and Diners Club. Banks open half an hour earlier and close three hours earlier in the summer. Importing and exporting Tunisian dinars is strictly prohibited.


Tunisia falls into the same time zone as Central Europe, an hour ahead of GMT (GMT +1), but does not use daylight saving time.


Tunisia uses 220 Volts and 50 Hertz electricity settings, along with the same Type E plugs used in France and Belgian. However, plug adaptors and transformers are still recommended for all foreign visitors, as Tunisian plugs, with grounding holes in the middle, aren’t always compatible with European plugs, which have two lateral grounding contacts.


Tunisia’s dialing code is +216, and automatic dialing covers direct international calls. Public telephones are available across the country, including in some shops. Tunisie Telecom sells local SIM cards to people with proper identification. There are several roaming agreements in place with international cell phone providers, but using Internet café Skype facilities is often the cheapest way to stay in touch. Internet cafés can be found in most Tunisian resorts and communities.


Visitors of all ages can import one bottle of alcohol, gifts worth up to TND10, and a reasonable amount of perfume into Tunisia without incurring customs duty. The same is true for up to 400 grams of tobacco, 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars. Visitors must obtain permits from Tunisia’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs before exporting antiques. Narcotics, explosives, obscene publications, and firearms for non-hunting purposes cannot be imported into Tunisia.

Tourist Office

Tunisia Tourism, Tunis: +216-713-410-771 or

Embassies in Tunisia

US Embassy, Tunis: +216-71-107-000 British Embassy, Tunis: +216-71-108-700 Canadian Embassy, Tunis: +216-71-104-000 French Embassy, Tunis: +216-71-105-000 German Embassy, Tunis: +216-71-78-64-55 Italian Embassy, Tunis: +216-71-32-1811 Moroccan Embassy, Tunis: +216-71-783-801


Police: 197 Emergency medical care: 190

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