Underwater in Djibouti Photo by Scott Williams via Flickr Creative Commons

Djibouti may be one of the tiniest countries in the world, but it has all the tourist lures that larger, more developed and more visited destinations offer, on top of many interesting and exotic sites that are unique to the region. The tiny islands of Moucha and Maskali just off the coast are the crown jewels of the Gulf of Tadjoura. You can visit them on a day trip or camp out overnight if you’re feeling adventurous.

The lakesides of Abhe, Assal and Ghoubet will leave you in awe as they boast some of the most scenic views and landscapes from large saltpans to splendid limestone formations, lava fields and verdant grasslands, painting beautiful hues to the otherwise monotonous barren desert. Djibouti’s diverse landscapes are ripe for exploration and it's not hard to entertain yourself while visiting the country.

Many travelers go on a day excursion to the scenic lake areas. Guided island tours of the coral-rich Moucha Islands should also not be missed. Beach camping and braving deep sea diving can also be arranged. Those who are less adventurous may opt for a more relaxing snorkeling and boat tours around the gorgeous islands off the coast of Djibouti. ATTA is the trusted agency for trips around the lakes and to see the coral offshore.

Dolphin Excursions not only offers swimming with whale sharks, manta rays and diving cruises, but other heart pounding activities like bush camping, trekking, kite surfing, and exciting expeditions to the beautiful regions of Djibouti from Obock to Tadjourah, to the vibrant capital and the sandy plains of Yobiki and Dikkil, where camel excursions are popular.

If nature tripping is what you are after, Le Goubet Agency, is one of the best operators and organizers of thematic tours around areas like the Assal and Abbe lakes, as well as the white sand beaches and beautiful forests of Djibouti. They specialize in 4x4 adventures, sport fishing, and trekking, among other adventures across the country.

Grand Bara, one of the oldest and largest dry lakes in Djibouti, is one of the best places for uninterrupted sand yachting in the region and races attract experienced riders and big names in the sport. AECVETA specializes in this type of adventure activities, along with walking tours and family outings around Lake Abbe, the Gagadé plains, and hikes around the Ghoubet region.

Historic tours and cultural excursions are also very rewarding, but are rarer and harder to arrange than outdoor pursuits. You can try agencies that specialize in Africa's past legacies such as Kibran Tours and Africa Tours.

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