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High Altitude Cruising: 6 Locations Best Experienced Aerially

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Weird & Wacky

The Craziest National Sports You've Never Heard Of

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Cultural Experience

Follow the Legendary Silk Road From Beijing to Istanbul

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11 Reasons the John Muir Trail is the Best Long Distance Hike (For Trekking Newbies)

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When Bikes + Ziplines Make a Love Child, You Get the Ultimate Aerial Adventure

Flying bikes may look like a scene out of the Wizard of Oz, but we promise, zip biking is no evil endeavor. In fact, it’s really quite a thrill. What may look like a sport that’s been MacGyvered in the sky, rest assured, the bikes are affixed to cables proven to withstand their weight. A unique activity sure to leave you on an adrenaline high, this is one of those things you just have to add to your bucket list.


Experience the Real Live “Jungle Book” at Kanha National Park

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Scuba Diving

Yolo: Snorkel or SCUBA with the Manta Rays in Hawaii

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The Most Beautiful Place to Watch the Northern Lights

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