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6 Volcanoes that Make Surprisingly Good Vacation Destinations

As summer hits its stride and the sun-soaked days grow longer, days by the pool sound more and more enticing. While it's u...

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Travel from Sea to Spa Aboard the Ridiculously Luxurious Rocky Mountaineer Railway

There are times when you find both zen and adventure in surprising places -- like an invitation to ride a luxury train thr...


Swim Amongst Scads of Jellyfish in the Mystical World of Palau

It's normal to feel a ripple of trepidation as you lower yourself into into the waters of Ongeim L’Tketau. Better known as...


Sandboarding: Because Who Needs Snow to Shred the Slopes?

Visit cities like Vail, Colorado, or Zermatt, Switzerland, and you’ll find evidence of their main industry the moment you ...

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Visit the Most Iconic Castles on the Planet

They inspired tales of romance, fantasy and fiction. They were symbols of power and protection, forts that could withstand siege and devastation, repelling enemies and guarding the wealth of those sheltered behind the walls. Castles exist in almost all corners of history and society.

New Zealand

A Visit to Hobbiton Having Seen Absolutely None of the Lord of the Rings Movies

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t like fantasy or sci-fi. I’ve never seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter the Hobbit,...


Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to the 2016 Summer Olympics

Attending the Olympics are a milestone travel experience. The chance to see America's greatest athletes compete against th...

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Chasing Daylight: The Best Places to Experience the Midnight Sun

Everlasting days with festivals to celebrate the sunlight to be undisturbed by the dark can be found if you head way up no...