GEF IWC-8 Photo by IWRM AIO SIDS via Flickr Creative Commons

The Comoros Islands enjoys a maritime tropical climate, thanks to its location in the western Indian Ocean, 10 degrees below the equator. The islands experience both wet and dry seasons, though temperatures vary because of each island’s unique topography. The wet season typically runs from October through April, when northerly winds from the Indian Ocean brings warm, moist air to the region. The heaviest rains are experienced from December through April, making road travel unpleasant and sometimes hazardous. Temperatures are cooler during the wet season, averaging 70°F, while the hottest weather reaches 80°F in March.

Best Time to Visit Comoros

The months of May through September offer cooler and drier temperatures, when southerly winds dominate the Comoros islands. Typical weather during these months stay around 66°F and skies are usually clear.

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