Jackfruit Photo by Scot Nelson via Flickr Creative Commons

Cuisine in the Comoros can be described as a delightful fusion of Arab and French tastes. The nation never runs out of fresh seafood and even dried varieties. Fish is served in almost every meal, particularly in stews, along with staple dishes such as rice and meat. Comorian food is very flavorful, seasoned with locally grown spices like vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cloves, and nutmeg. Local favorites include langouste a la vanille (lobster cooked in vanilla sauce) and barbecued goat meat, along with other types of meat kebabs. Rice is served as a ceremonial dish along with colossal cakes. Like other African countries, porridge is a staple on the Comoros Islands, particularly one made from cassava, often garnished with dried fruits. Fresh fruit is also in abundance on the islands, especially pineapple, avocado, banana, and pawpaw. Jackfruit is a local favorite, which is a large, one to two foot long green snack widely available that tastes somewhat like lychee.

Bars and Pubbing in the Comoros

Part of the charm of the Comoros is its peaceful atmosphere. It is free from pulsating bars and clubs, but you can easily find beer and other alcoholic beverages from merchants in towns, as well as at European restaurants. Remember to be discreet when buying and consuming spirits, though, as it is a Muslim nation and there are restrictions on drinking, especially within religious areas.

Nightlife is virtually nonexistent, but you can always get your fill of alcohol from Chinese and Indian merchants near Volo Volo market on Grande Comore. Here you will find a good selection of French boxed wine and South African Castle beer.

Dining and Cuisine in Comoros

There are no fancy dining establishments in the Comoros, but small restaurants will sure satisfy your cravings. Seafood is a staple on every menu. You will find an abundance of good snacks in small cafés around the Volo Volo Market and in the areas near Vendredi Mosque in the lively Gobadjou district. In Moroni, small bungalows that line the coast are known for their delicious meat kebabs or mshakiki which are served with grilled sides like cassava, bananas and breadfruit.

Chez Babou Restaurant (Oasis District, Moroni) at the north end of Volo Volo is a good place for quality Indian food on the Comoros. Cafe de la Paix (Ambassadeur District, Moroni) is another place worth trying. The restaurant is situated south of Moroni city’s hospital. For the favorite dish langouste á la vanilla, try Le Restaurant des Arcades (Hotel Les Arcades, Ambassadeur District, Moroni), which serves some of the freshest lobster in town. The restaurant is also known for its friendly atmosphere. Hotel restaurants also specialize in seafood and skewered meats, plus other local favorites.

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