Chomoni Beach Photo by David Stanley via Flickr Creative Commons

Many have yet to see and discover the great wonders that the Comoros has to offer, and those who have been have one piece of advice: get there before it becomes infested by flocks of tourists and commercialization.

The climb to the still-active Mount Karthala is a real treat for the more energetic, but those who prefer lazy days on the beach can easily find a scenic stretch of sand anywhere on the Comoros. The cities and towns offer a glimpse into the country’s history and local culture, while the capital retains an air of colonial times.

Thrill seekers will enjoy hiking up Mount Karthala, the world’s largest active volcano, or at least trekking to the Mohéli’s Dziani Boundouni volcano. The less adventurous can always embark on a walking tour of the capital town of each island, as well as the lazy communities nearby for some sightseeing.

There are good diving facilities throughout the Comoros, particularly on Mitsamiouli, where you can kick off a scuba diving or snorkeling trip. The offshore areas provide opportunities for exploring the marvelous and distinct marine life of the region. Simply lazing around the sandy beaches to enjoy some of the best coastal views without interruption from noisy beachside clubs, hotels and restaurants is also one of the best things to do while here.

Fishing opportunities abound in the village of Itsandra, but those who prefer the mountainside may also try cycling or a scenic walk through the beautiful sloping trails of the Comoros.

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